What are sponsored rewards?

Sponsored rewards are products or services donated to a project by someone other than the Project Creator. These items are approved by the Project Creator and can then be claimed by supporters.

The Reward Sponsor (not the Project Creator) is responsible for fulfilling claimed sponsored rewards. Reward Sponsors automatically become Project Heroes once their reward is accepted by the Project Creator. Click here to create a sponsored reward.

For example, The Electric Brew creates a $10 gift card item and offers it to a project on Goshen Funded. The Project Creator accepts the reward and it becomes available for purchase in the project’s rewards section. When a Project Supporter claims that gift card from the coffee shop, the project receives $20, The Electric Brew delivers the gift card to the Project Supporter, and the Project Supporter receives the gift card while supporting a great project.

Sponsored Rewards


How do sponsored rewards work?

Individuals and organizations create inventory items in the manage section of their Community Funded account, and offer them to the project they want to support. The Project Creator is notified that a sponsored reward was offered to their project, which they can then accept or decline. Once accepted, the item is available for purchase as a reward on the project. Reward Sponsors automatically become Project Heroes  once their reward is accepted by the Project Creator.

See the flowchart below.

Sponsored reward flow chart.png

When will the sponsored reward I was offered appear on my project?

You must accept each sponsored reward before it will appear on your project. Click here for instructions on how to accept a sponsored reward.

Who is responsible for delivering sponsored rewards to supporters?

The Reward Sponsor is responsible for fulfilling the rewards they offer. The Project Creator is not responsible for their delivery.

Do I contact businesses to sponsor rewards to my project or do they come to me?

We recommend that you reach out to businesses and ask them to sponsor rewards. This is a great way to build relationships and partner with businesses in your community. Working with your project to sponsor rewards offers those businesses marketing value and exposure in exchange for their support.

Are sponsored rewards a set price or does it work more like a silent auction?

When the Reward Sponsor creates each item, they set a price. This price cannot be altered after the sponsored reward has been accepted.

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