Wear Your Local Farmers T-Shirt

The Goshen Farmers Market invites you to celebrate, support, and promote local farmers, local food, and local friends by ordering beautiful T-shirts to help support our downtown Farmers Market. This project will be running for just a few more days to don’t wait, get your orders in now.

Visit the Campaigns Page for all the details.

The T-shirts come in Men’s and Women’s styles, in different colors and sizes. Each features a delicious tomato design with artwork by Anne Berry. It’s so tasty!

Phil Metzler, member of the Farmers Market board, put this campaign together with the goal of creating more awareness for the market as people wear their T-shirts out and about. By using Goshen Funded to order the T-shirts in advance, they’ll be able to get just the right amount made, in just the right colors and sizes, so there isn’t a lot of cost locked up in unused inventory. And of course the more everyone orders, the lower the cost per T-shirt and more of your contribution can go towards helping fund special activities and the ongoing work of the Goshen Farmers Market.

So don’t wait, order your T-shirts today.

If you are new to crowdfunding, this is a great way to experience the fun of pitching in and helping grow something together with others in your community. As part of the checkout process, you will be creating a user account at, the smart startup that provides the technology powering our Campaigns Page here on the Goshen Funded web site. Once you have a account then YOU can create a crowdfunding campaign of your own. Let us know and we can help you get your campaign up and running here at Goshen Funded.

One more thing…

At the very end of the checkout process, you’ll be invited to share this campaign with two of your friends. “You + 2” is a very powerful way to generate more impact for this campaign and help even more beyond your own contribution. Please use this feature to share your love for our local Goshen Farmers Market.