Start It!

Our web site uses crowdfunding technology developed by Community Funded of Fort Collins, Colorado. This is the real technology that Goshen Funded is built on.

Like many startups, Community Funded began as a simple idea among a few friends… and then it grew in scope and scale. The original founders soon realized that the kind of crowdfunding platform they had created — local, community based, with a magical Rewards ingredient — was something that could be used by a huge variety of communities. So far, the Community Funded platform has been used to launch local crowdfunding campaigns in all 50 US states, in 163 cities, by 952 organizations and 8,158 individuals.

And now it’s available to YOU right here in Goshen, Indiana.

This crowdfunding platform, which we’ve baked into our local Goshen Funded web site, invites you to start a crowdfunding campaign. Share your story, offer rewards, and collect money online from your friends, family and community.

Feel free to contact us if you need help developing the components of your project. To make sure your own very amazing crowdfunding campaign gets the local attention it needs, please request a Goshen Funded Application Code from us. The Activation Code is what allows your campaign to appear on the Campaigns page right here on our Goshen Funded web site.

In Testing Mode

Currently this site is in testing mode. Ben and Phil and I are working to get a test campaign configured and launched so that it will appear on our Campaigns page. At the same time, it looks like Community Funded is working to add features, write documentation, and troubleshoot problems. In other words, there’s a lot happening but not a whole lot to show for it yet.

If you would like to help us test and make progress and push this site towards a Live Launch in the near future, the the first thing you’ll need to do is create your own business or individual account at Community Funded.

Once you have a Community Funded account, you will be able to create your own test campaign (also known as a “Project.”) Doing so will help you understand what it takes to create a real crowdfunding campaign in the future, once our site goes live.

In addition to creating Projects (fundraising campaigns) you can create Rewards. These are “perks” that you can offer to Contributors. Contributors are the people and other organization in our local community who support your campaign by making a donation. Some contributors will give freely because they want to see you accomplish your goals. Others will be encouraged to contribute because they get something in return. For example, you create a $10 Gift Certificate Reward with $1 going to fund your campaign. That’s the general idea.

Where it gets really interesting is that you can Sponsor other local community campaigns with your Rewards. So now business A creates a Reward and offers it to a campaign that business B has launched. That helps attract more contributions for B‘s campaign; it also helps create more brand awareness and positive vibes for A. Neat, huh?

Since we are still just getting started at this point, any campaigns appearing on our Campaigns page are in “test mode” and not real actual projects. But NOW is the time to start dreaming about what you reeeeeally want to do on this site when it goes live. Ladies and gentlemen, start your imagination engines!