Unable to Donate?

Hey we’ve had a couple people report, one reason or another, the site wasn’t working right and they were not able to donate to our first “Pre-Launch Party” campaign and get their ticket to the party.

If that happens to you, please please please contact us and let us know you had a problem, so we can get on it right away and make sure any issues are solved quickly so we can make our goal. We don’t want you to be frustrated and just leave. This site is for you and we want to make it work the way you expect. So when it’s not (and with any new site there’s gonna be things that don’t work right) we want you to let us know.

And thanks to the folks who did get in touch with us today about problems they encountered. I think we’ve got the contribute problem fixed now, so if you were unable to donate before, give it another try. Thanks!

Out of Test Mode

We’ve been in what calls “Test Mode” since we first set up this website several months ago. That means we’ve been able to create crowdfunding test campaigns and see what they’ll look like on our site, but nobody can donate actual money… until now.

Now we are officially LIVE! (Though still in “stealth mode” which means we aren’t telling a lot of people about our site yet.) Community Funded took us out of Test Mode yesterday morning. We’ve launched one campaign that we want everyone to check out — it’s on our Campaigns page and is inviting you to contribute to our “Pre-Launch Party” by buying a ticket to the party.

YES this is a real party!

Buy a ticket and you can come. Everyone is welcome. The party will take place at ArtHouse here in Goshen, Indiana on Sunday September 28th at 7pm. Light food and drinks, brief teleconf with CommunityFunded, an entertaining slideshow, Q&A, and networking networking networking. Meet others who are actively involved in local crowdfunding here in Goshen. Scheme about your campaign ideas. If you want to add a Reward to this campaign, you can build it in your own account and then “offer” it to our campaign. (And please let us know if you need any help with the technical details.) This first campaign has set a goal of $400. Anything beyond actual expenses for the party will go towards marketing and spreading the word about the site to a much larger audience.

Help us celebrate the progress made to date, and envision a more public launch in early fall!