Summer Updates

It’s been pretty quiet here at Goshen Funded, as we await completion of some significant upgrades to the Community Funded crowdfunding platform (see which our own local Goshen Indiana crowdfunding initiative is built on. Here are just a few of the new features that are being incorporated into the platform…

  • Crowdfunding Campaign Success SchoolCommunity Funded now has a monthly newsletter for communicating with their users.
  • Their Help Center has evolved into a Resources and Success School for campaign creators. If you are thinking about creating a crowdfunding project, be sure to spend some time learning what it takes so you can plan and execute a successful campaign. The Success School provides a step-by-step action plan.
  • For all participants, the process of creating Rewards has been streamlined.
  • Campaign Rewards are now visible right from each campaign’s Home page, so it’s easy for donors to choose what they’ll receive for contributing.
  • There’s an Integrated Email system in development that will allow campaign creators and platform admins to email supporters and followers directly from the Project dashboard. Email your donors, potential donors, and support crew, and upload your community contact info in advance of launch to ensure optimal promotion.

With these updates come some growing pains…

We’ve become aware that some of the new functionality that’s been rolled out recently is not working right on our own Campaigns page, so we are working with tech support at Community Funded to resolve these issues as quickly as possible. For the time being, please hold off launching a new campaign for the next few weeks or so until we’re sure our portal is working properly. We’ll  give you the green light when everything is back in service.

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