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How has Goshen Funded come about?

Goshen is no stranger to crowdfunding.  Over the past few year or so, the community has used several different crowdfunding platforms to support creative and innovative projects, such as:

2013 event

Panel discussion – Fall of 2013

To highlight the lessons learned through these and other campaigns, several groups got together at Art House in the fall of 2013 for a panel discussion.

For it’s first campaign, Transition Goshen sought a crowdfunding platform that would enhance the community-building potential of the campaign process itself.  While becoming somewhat synonymous with larger “platforms” like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, start-up platforms tailored to fit specific social and commercial interests are becoming increasingly common.   Transition Goshen ultimately chose to use CommunityFunded because they liked the ease with which businesses could offer in-kind donations and the way a network of donors, entrepreneurs, and non-profit initiatives was emerging in its Colorado home.

The positive experience working with CommunityFunded led to ongoing discussions about whether Goshen might be an ideal community for a local platform (featuring only Goshen-centered campaigns and businesses).

A group of interested individuals, businesses, and community organizations has continued to develop the vision.  This web site is one product.  Frequent, informal meetings to develop content, formulate possible policies and procedures, and promote the project are ongoing.  Contact us if you’d like to get involved.