How can I support a campaign?

Whether you are an individual or an organization, here are four main ways you can show your support for a campaign:

1. Donate directly to the campaign.

The simplest method. Click Make a Donation and choose a dollar amount to give.

Donate to campaign

2. Donate offline.

We try to keep our service fees as low as possible, but payment processing fees can add up — especially for larger donations — and sometimes it’s easier to give directly to a project offline.  The Campaign creator can still add your contribution to the campaign and it will be reflected in their progress towards their goal — no fees attached!

3. Spread the word by telling your family and friends about the campaign.

Find the Share this Campaign section and copy the URL to email friends or share it with your social media.

share the campaign with others

4. Claim a reward.

Select one of the rewards listed on the sidebar of the campaign.

Claim a campaign reward

5. Sponsor a reward.

Sponsored rewards are products or services donated to a project by someone other than the Project Creator. These items can include the sponsor’s branding and provide a creative way to show your support through goods and services rather than cash — as well a creative way to reach new customers!


6. Offer a Matching Goal.

Want to see your impact doubled?  Let the Campaign Creator know if you would like to further incentivize supporters by offering a larger matching grant for a given time frame or total amount.  Goshen Funded can embed this goal in the campaign and track progress towards it.  The amount matched will be added to the campaign’s progress towards its goal!