News and Updates

Summer Updates

It’s been pretty quiet here at Goshen Funded, as we await completion of some significant upgrades to the Community Funded crowdfunding platform (see which our own local Goshen Indiana crowdfunding initiative is built on. Here are just a few of the new features that are being incorporated into the platform…

  • Crowdfunding Campaign Success SchoolCommunity Funded now has a monthly newsletter for communicating with their users.
  • Their Help Center has evolved into a Resources and Success School for campaign creators. If you are thinking about creating a crowdfunding project, be sure to spend some time learning what it takes so you can plan and execute a successful campaign. The Success School provides a step-by-step action plan.
  • For all participants, the process of creating Rewards has been streamlined.
  • Campaign Rewards are now visible right from each campaign’s Home page, so it’s easy for donors to choose what they’ll receive for contributing.
  • There’s an Integrated Email system in development that will allow campaign creators and platform admins to email supporters and followers directly from the Project dashboard. Email your donors, potential donors, and support crew, and upload your community contact info in advance of launch to ensure optimal promotion.

With these updates come some growing pains…

We’ve become aware that some of the new functionality that’s been rolled out recently is not working right on our own Campaigns page, so we are working with tech support at Community Funded to resolve these issues as quickly as possible. For the time being, please hold off launching a new campaign for the next few weeks or so until we’re sure our portal is working properly. We’ll  give you the green light when everything is back in service.

Down to the Final Hours

Time to the finish line is down to the final hours for the “Art House: Expanding Goshen Film Options” and our town has really rallied behind this project. Way to go, Goshen! As of this writing, there are 42 contributors to this campaign, and $4,300 raised. That’s over 85% of the way to their original goal of the $5,000 needed to purchase a new license and be able to show a much greater variety of movies at Art House.

If you have been thinking about donating to this campaign, but haven’t picked a juicy reward yet, better hurry. A “High Five,” a concessions certificate, a Web Site hosting coupon, Brew bucks, lunch with a friend at County Seat, these are some of the incentives that are being offered in this Art House fundraiser. Even $5 or $10 right now will help put this campaign over the top. But you need to get there before it’s over. Thanks everybody for your support!

Coffee and Community

The Electric Brew invites you to join their efforts to support Café Justo, a coffee roastery and cooperative in the Agua Prieta community of Sonora, Mexico. The roastery was founded by migrant coffee farmers in search of a fair price for their coffee beans. The Electric Brew and Café Justo are building a relationship based on marketing coffee that is grown, harvested, and prepared in a just, and organic way.They share a love for good coffee, and a passion for telling the story of coffee. One way The Electric Brew can share this unique story with Goshen, is through the premiere of, “A Film About Coffee.”

Café Justo, in Sonora, Mexico, is a coffee cooperative dedicated to marketing coffee that is organic, and just.

Café Justo, in Sonora, Mexico, is a coffee cooperative dedicated to marketing coffee that is organic, and just.

A Film About Coffee,” is a documentary that has spanned the globe to capture a culture of coffee that is far-reaching and diverse.  Yet, this film also brings to life the many ways that one cup of joe can unite communities together in the pursuit of fair trade. According to the director, Brandon Loper, “This is a film that bridges gaps both intellectual and geographical, evoking flavor and pleasure, and providing both as well.

With your help, The Electric Brew can bring this fantastic film to Goshen! The goal is to raise $1,200 by June 6, in order to cover the promotion costs of the film. Plus, all additional funds will go to the Agua Prieta community.

The Electric Brew is dedicated to sharing the story of coffee in an effort to cultivate a deeper appreciation for where these magical beans comes from. Taking the opportunity to learn where your coffee comes from, might just give you another reason to wake up in the morning!

Follow our updates to learn more about fair trade coffee, and to explore other opportunities to get involved!


Steve Gall Campaign – FINAL Day

Were are down to the final day of the “Neighbor In Need” campaign to raise money for Carver Dewitt-Gall’s upcoming back surgery. If you’ve been thinking about donating to this campaign, it’s now make-or-break time. We’re over half way to the goal of $1,500, admittedly not a lot of money considering the costs of hospital surgeries these days, but it will help the Gall family manage the 20% of costs they will have to pay out of pocket.

Greg Lehman's Outdoor Pizza Oven

Greg Lehman’s Outdoor Pizza Oven

Those of us who are following this campaign closely know that it’s the last hours of a campaign that can make the difference between achieving and surpassing a goal or falling short. We sure hope this campaign makes a strong finish, and we really appreciate everyone’s generosity. Even small donations of $5 or $10 will help get us there.

Steve Gall’s co-worker Greg Lehman, sponsor of this campaign, is offering his time and talents on Saturday to bake gourmet wood-fired pizzas and host seatings at his place for an afternoon/evening pizza party for donors who chose a PIZZA PARTY Reward (see the “Rewards” tab on the Campaign page) as an incentive.

If you look at the “Community” tab on the Campaign, you will see Steve Gall’s picture on a number of those donations. That’s because our crowdfunding campaigns provide a way to include “offline donations” contributing to the total. A number of Steve’s co-workers at Oaklawn have already chipped in to help, giving money directly to Greg or to Steve for this campaign, and those donations are each recorded and are helping to reach the goal.

Greg tells us there are still seats remaining for each hour of the pizza party, so why not grab a few Rewards and invite your friends to join you around the table at Greg Lehman’s place. (For more details, check out the “Updates” tab on the Campaign page.) And while Greg is cooking pizzas, ask him to regale you with tales of his summers spent in Antarctica!

Thanks to everyone that has given so far!


Helping Neighbors in Need

It’s a beautiful thing when a community bands together to help a neighbor. Our neighbor at this moment is Steve Gall, who’s son Carver is scheduled for back surgery this summer in Indianapolis. The family is facing some serious expenses. You’ll find all the details in the campaign. Any donations are welcome, and will be greatly appreciated.


To reward your generosity, Gregory Lehman of Goshen, a long-time friend and co-worker of Steve’s, is throwing a PIZZA PARTY all afternoon on Saturday May 16th, 2015 in order to help raise money towards the costs of surgery, travel, and stays in Indianapolis.

straw bale houseGreg has planned 6 sittings around his dining room table outside on the brick driveway next to a wood-fired pizza oven. He anticipates cranking out some 80 or so pizzas from that nifty home-built oven.


Click the “Rewardstab on the campaign page to choose a time and grab your tickets. Then enjoy pizza with friends and family on a Saturday afternoon at Greg’s place.

You may not know Greg but you’ve probably seen his place — a tall medieval-looking straw bale house built in 2006. Come dine under the trees on a driveway built of salvaged bricks, surrounded by permaculture gardens. It’s just NE of town on Middlebury Road. Parking available on Steury Ave. Visit for more information about the property where the pizza party will be hosted.

What’s Ahead for Goshen Funded

Things have been pretty quiet here at Goshen Funded since our last crowdfunding project ended. (See the Campaigns page.)  We’re still hoping to throw our weight behind one or two “catalyst” campaigns (which we would help design and facilitate as Goshen Funded supporters) with the goals of highlighting the unique benefits of our particular platform and engaging the broader community around popular targets. We’re having conversations with some exciting potential community initiatives.

In the meantime, we’re continuing to work with CommunityFunded to evolve and perfect the architecture of our site to suit our emerging needs. We are also brainstorming on some new events for 2015 and hope you’ll take a few minutes to give your feedback on which activities you’d find most appealing. We’d value your input on a short survey:

Thanks for your ongoing interest and support! If you have any questions or ideas, don’t hesitate to let Ben, or Pete or Phil know. You can reach us any time via the Contact page.

Wear Your Local Farmers T-Shirt

The Goshen Farmers Market invites you to celebrate, support, and promote local farmers, local food, and local friends by ordering beautiful T-shirts to help support our downtown Farmers Market. This project will be running for just a few more days to don’t wait, get your orders in now.

Visit the Campaigns Page for all the details.

The T-shirts come in Men’s and Women’s styles, in different colors and sizes. Each features a delicious tomato design with artwork by Anne Berry. It’s so tasty!

Phil Metzler, member of the Farmers Market board, put this campaign together with the goal of creating more awareness for the market as people wear their T-shirts out and about. By using Goshen Funded to order the T-shirts in advance, they’ll be able to get just the right amount made, in just the right colors and sizes, so there isn’t a lot of cost locked up in unused inventory. And of course the more everyone orders, the lower the cost per T-shirt and more of your contribution can go towards helping fund special activities and the ongoing work of the Goshen Farmers Market.

So don’t wait, order your T-shirts today.

If you are new to crowdfunding, this is a great way to experience the fun of pitching in and helping grow something together with others in your community. As part of the checkout process, you will be creating a user account at, the smart startup that provides the technology powering our Campaigns Page here on the Goshen Funded web site. Once you have a account then YOU can create a crowdfunding campaign of your own. Let us know and we can help you get your campaign up and running here at Goshen Funded.

One more thing…

At the very end of the checkout process, you’ll be invited to share this campaign with two of your friends. “You + 2” is a very powerful way to generate more impact for this campaign and help even more beyond your own contribution. Please use this feature to share your love for our local Goshen Farmers Market.

New Campaign: Map Jam

“Grassroots sharing projects, cooperatives, community resources, and the commons — all on one map.”

That’s the goal of the upcoming “Map Jam” event happening Thursday evening October 16th, 2014 starting at 6pm at the Bricolage in downtown Goshen. Check out the Campaigns page to view all the details. And be sure to watch the short video on what this is all about, to get the larger picture. This event is the 2nd annual global mapping project. It’s a fun opportunity to work on a really big project with your neighbors and new friends, and promises to be quite revealing about the shared assets in our local community that might otherwise be overlooked or taken for granted. To be sure, lots of sharing is already happening. Appreciation, everybody! The Map Jam is a party with a purpose.

Give a donation and come on out for the Map Jam. This quick 6-day campaign is intended to cover the costs for space, services, and a modest fee to add our mapped resources to a larger non-profit mapping project.

Our First Success

Even though we’ve moved out of Test Mode and can now run LIVE crowdfunding campaigns on our site, we’re still in BETA mode, and have not officially launched yet.

For the next several weeks every new campaign will be another test of the system. The platform is still in active development, and with each new campaign we expect there will be glitches, missing steps, broken links, and more. Nothing that will prevent us from moving ahead — just the normal state of anything with great potential while it’s still in development.


But we want to celebrate our first success — the completion of our first actual real crowdfunding campaign! We won’t leave you guessing. YES we achieved our goal.

The “Goshen Funded Pre-Launch Party” campaign is now in the Past Projects section of our Campaigns page. One look and you can see that we not only surpassed our fundraising goal ($400), we blew past it and raised over 85% more. We raised $743 from 25 contributors! That is an awesome start. It gave us sufficient funds to throw a nice party for everyone involved, and brought in some working capital to help this site grow.


Our party took place at Art House with about 30 people turning out for treats & beverages, Q & A, and an inspirational video on the big screen.

It’s not easy wrapping your mind around the crowdfunding process, and most of us are new to the whole thing; never done it before. It’s a really different way to do fundraising. So a good bit of the talk at our party was about what our businesses or organizations need, what’s appropriate (or not) for a crowdfunding campaign, what makes campaigns successful, and who will be able to use this site most effectively.


Ok, raised some starter funding, had a groovy party, what’s next? We have an information meeting scheduled for TOMORROW Thursday evening October 2, 2014 at 7pm at Better World Books, downtown Goshen. Meet us downstairs on the basement level. Come with your ideas and questions, and if we put our minds together everyone will hopefully have an action plan for either

  • your own first crowdfunding Project that you can begin developing in your Community Funded account, or
  • Reward that you can offer to other upcoming Projects as they begin appearing on our site.

Hope you can make it – see you tomorrow.