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Down to the Final Hours

Time to the finish line is down to the final hours for the “Art House: Expanding Goshen Film Options” and our town has really rallied behind this project. Way to go, Goshen! As of this writing, there are 42 contributors to this campaign, and $4,300 raised. That’s over 85% of the way to their original goal of the $5,000 needed to purchase a new license and be able to show a much greater variety of movies at Art House.

If you have been thinking about donating to this campaign, but haven’t picked a juicy reward yet, better hurry. A “High Five,” a concessions certificate, a Web Site hosting coupon, Brew bucks, lunch with a friend at County Seat, these are some of the incentives that are being offered in this Art House fundraiser. Even $5 or $10 right now will help put this campaign over the top. But you need to get there before it’s over. Thanks everybody for your support!

Coffee and Community

The Electric Brew invites you to join their efforts to support Café Justo, a coffee roastery and cooperative in the Agua Prieta community of Sonora, Mexico. The roastery was founded by migrant coffee farmers in search of a fair price for their coffee beans. The Electric Brew and Café Justo are building a relationship based on marketing coffee that is grown, harvested, and prepared in a just, and organic way.They share a love for good coffee, and a passion for telling the story of coffee. One way The Electric Brew can share this unique story with Goshen, is through the premiere of, “A Film About Coffee.”

Café Justo, in Sonora, Mexico, is a coffee cooperative dedicated to marketing coffee that is organic, and just.

Café Justo, in Sonora, Mexico, is a coffee cooperative dedicated to marketing coffee that is organic, and just.

A Film About Coffee,” is a documentary that has spanned the globe to capture a culture of coffee that is far-reaching and diverse.  Yet, this film also brings to life the many ways that one cup of joe can unite communities together in the pursuit of fair trade. According to the director, Brandon Loper, “This is a film that bridges gaps both intellectual and geographical, evoking flavor and pleasure, and providing both as well.

With your help, The Electric Brew can bring this fantastic film to Goshen! The goal is to raise $1,200 by June 6, in order to cover the promotion costs of the film. Plus, all additional funds will go to the Agua Prieta community.

The Electric Brew is dedicated to sharing the story of coffee in an effort to cultivate a deeper appreciation for where these magical beans comes from. Taking the opportunity to learn where your coffee comes from, might just give you another reason to wake up in the morning!

Follow our updates to learn more about fair trade coffee, and to explore other opportunities to get involved!


Are You an Artist?

Goshen is a vibrant community for the visual arts, theater, music, and more. If you have a burning desire to create and share your art with your community, start here at Goshen Funded to obtain the funding you need to get your vision up and running.