How will supporting Goshen Funded benefit your business or organization?

  • You’ll find it easy to offer in-kind donations to campaigns that you’d like to support;
  • Your endorsement or sponsorship will be featured in the campaigns you support and recognized in your public profile as a means of promoting the corporate values you share with the community;
  • You can promote your business and reach new audiences by offering project support and rewards to any campaign or organization on the platform, even if you haven’t been contacted by an initiator first; and
  • You can also launch your own campaign to gauge demand for a new product or service, raise capital for new infrastructure by pre-selling products or services, or collaborate with other groups to fill a community need in creative ways.

As Brad Weirich put it, “you can target the things you want to the people you want, with the rewards you want, in a way that will benefit them directly.”

Read more about how you can sponsor campaigns.  Or talk to one the groups already participating.

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