Why use Goshen Funded?

  • Third party “rewards”
    •   A barn raising approach to fundraising! You can spend less time recruiting and managing in-kind donations by connecting with businesses that will support your campaign.  Businesses can create accounts and offer sponsored rewards (in-kind donations) directly to your campaign. It is then up to the business that offers an reward to fulfill it.
  • Off-line contributions
    • Goshen Funded’s offline fundraising feature allows you to represent amounts that you have raised offline (not through the Community Funded payment system). When entered, these amounts will cause your project goal to increase.
  • Increased local audience
    • By promoting your campaign to a local audience alongside other initiatives, you’ll make it easier for community members outside of your social networks to discover and support your project. An average crowdfunding campaign receives about 10% of it’s donations from donors not connected to the campaign creators and promoters. It is more likely that interested donors could discover your campaign if it is promoted along other local campaigns.

Get started with a Goshen Funded campaign

We won’t suggest that Goshen Funded is the best platform for every campaign (if you’re contemplating a project not based in Goshen or a start-up focused on a broader market, you may want a national platform like Kickstarter).  But since 80 to 90 percent of contributions tend to come from direct asks and people within your sphere of influence, we believe focusing the target audience for the platform as close to home as possible makes sense.