Daily Archives: July 31, 2014

Are You an Environmentalist?

Goshen is home to some great natural resources — the Elkhart River, the Millrace, the Pumpkinvine Nature Trail — and we are a community that cares about protecting and treasuring these parts of our environment for future generations. Launch your Goshen Funded project for restoration, care & upkeep of these precious places.

Are You a Local Club or Organization?

Goshen is a community with many and varied interests where civic clubs and organizations contribute to diverse and lively public affairs. If you are planning an upcoming event, look to Goshen Funded to help get the funding you need to make it happen.

Are You in Agriculture?

Goshen has been a great place for local agriculture to take root. From backyard farms to market gardens to greenhouses to specialty foods and beverages, Goshen loves to taste what you are growing. Let’s help you bring it to the table — plant a new campaign here at Goshen Funded and bring it to harvest.

Are You an Artist?

Goshen is a vibrant community for the visual arts, theater, music, and more. If you have a burning desire to create and share your art with your community, start here at Goshen Funded to obtain the funding you need to get your vision up and running.

Are You a Startup?

Entrepreneurs in Goshen are always dreaming up new ways to serve this community and build wealth. We want to help you start your dream here.

Are You a Wholesaler?

Local business-to-business wholesalers provide local jobs even if they sell around the world. Goshen Funded is here to help you reach the next level.

Are You a Local Retailer?

Retailers in Goshen looking to grow their business in a new direction are invited to create a crowdfunding campain here on Goshen Funded and invite support from within our local community. You serve Goshen; now let Goshen serve you.