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Wear Your Local Farmers T-Shirt

The Goshen Farmers Market invites you to celebrate, support, and promote local farmers, local food, and local friends by ordering beautiful T-shirts to help support our downtown Farmers Market. This project will be running for just a few more days to don’t wait, get your orders in now.

Visit the Campaigns Page for all the details.

The T-shirts come in Men’s and Women’s styles, in different colors and sizes. Each features a delicious tomato design with artwork by Anne Berry. It’s so tasty!

Phil Metzler, member of the Farmers Market board, put this campaign together with the goal of creating more awareness for the market as people wear their T-shirts out and about. By using Goshen Funded to order the T-shirts in advance, they’ll be able to get just the right amount made, in just the right colors and sizes, so there isn’t a lot of cost locked up in unused inventory. And of course the more everyone orders, the lower the cost per T-shirt and more of your contribution can go towards helping fund special activities and the ongoing work of the Goshen Farmers Market.

So don’t wait, order your T-shirts today.

If you are new to crowdfunding, this is a great way to experience the fun of pitching in and helping grow something together with others in your community. As part of the checkout process, you will be creating a user account at, the smart startup that provides the technology powering our Campaigns Page here on the Goshen Funded web site. Once you have a account then YOU can create a crowdfunding campaign of your own. Let us know and we can help you get your campaign up and running here at Goshen Funded.

One more thing…

At the very end of the checkout process, you’ll be invited to share this campaign with two of your friends. “You + 2” is a very powerful way to generate more impact for this campaign and help even more beyond your own contribution. Please use this feature to share your love for our local Goshen Farmers Market.

New Campaign: Map Jam

“Grassroots sharing projects, cooperatives, community resources, and the commons — all on one map.”

That’s the goal of the upcoming “Map Jam” event happening Thursday evening October 16th, 2014 starting at 6pm at the Bricolage in downtown Goshen. Check out the Campaigns page to view all the details. And be sure to watch the short video on what this is all about, to get the larger picture. This event is the 2nd annual global mapping project. It’s a fun opportunity to work on a really big project with your neighbors and new friends, and promises to be quite revealing about the shared assets in our local community that might otherwise be overlooked or taken for granted. To be sure, lots of sharing is already happening. Appreciation, everybody! The Map Jam is a party with a purpose.

Give a donation and come on out for the Map Jam. This quick 6-day campaign is intended to cover the costs for space, services, and a modest fee to add our mapped resources to a larger non-profit mapping project.

Start It!

Our web site uses crowdfunding technology developed by Community Funded of Fort Collins, Colorado. This is the real technology that Goshen Funded is built on.

Like many startups, Community Funded began as a simple idea among a few friends… and then it grew in scope and scale. The original founders soon realized that the kind of crowdfunding platform they had created — local, community based, with a magical Rewards ingredient — was something that could be used by a huge variety of communities. So far, the Community Funded platform has been used to launch local crowdfunding campaigns in all 50 US states, in 163 cities, by 952 organizations and 8,158 individuals.

And now it’s available to YOU right here in Goshen, Indiana.

This crowdfunding platform, which we’ve baked into our local Goshen Funded web site, invites you to start a crowdfunding campaign. Share your story, offer rewards, and collect money online from your friends, family and community.

Feel free to contact us if you need help developing the components of your project. To make sure your own very amazing crowdfunding campaign gets the local attention it needs, please request a Goshen Funded Application Code from us. The Activation Code is what allows your campaign to appear on the Campaigns page right here on our Goshen Funded web site.

Our First Success

Even though we’ve moved out of Test Mode and can now run LIVE crowdfunding campaigns on our site, we’re still in BETA mode, and have not officially launched yet.

For the next several weeks every new campaign will be another test of the system. The platform is still in active development, and with each new campaign we expect there will be glitches, missing steps, broken links, and more. Nothing that will prevent us from moving ahead — just the normal state of anything with great potential while it’s still in development.


But we want to celebrate our first success — the completion of our first actual real crowdfunding campaign! We won’t leave you guessing. YES we achieved our goal.

The “Goshen Funded Pre-Launch Party” campaign is now in the Past Projects section of our Campaigns page. One look and you can see that we not only surpassed our fundraising goal ($400), we blew past it and raised over 85% more. We raised $743 from 25 contributors! That is an awesome start. It gave us sufficient funds to throw a nice party for everyone involved, and brought in some working capital to help this site grow.


Our party took place at Art House with about 30 people turning out for treats & beverages, Q & A, and an inspirational video on the big screen.

It’s not easy wrapping your mind around the crowdfunding process, and most of us are new to the whole thing; never done it before. It’s a really different way to do fundraising. So a good bit of the talk at our party was about what our businesses or organizations need, what’s appropriate (or not) for a crowdfunding campaign, what makes campaigns successful, and who will be able to use this site most effectively.


Ok, raised some starter funding, had a groovy party, what’s next? We have an information meeting scheduled for TOMORROW Thursday evening October 2, 2014 at 7pm at Better World Books, downtown Goshen. Meet us downstairs on the basement level. Come with your ideas and questions, and if we put our minds together everyone will hopefully have an action plan for either

  • your own first crowdfunding Project that you can begin developing in your Community Funded account, or
  • Reward that you can offer to other upcoming Projects as they begin appearing on our site.

Hope you can make it – see you tomorrow.

Unable to Donate?

Hey we’ve had a couple people report, one reason or another, the site wasn’t working right and they were not able to donate to our first “Pre-Launch Party” campaign and get their ticket to the party.

If that happens to you, please please please contact us and let us know you had a problem, so we can get on it right away and make sure any issues are solved quickly so we can make our goal. We don’t want you to be frustrated and just leave. This site is for you and we want to make it work the way you expect. So when it’s not (and with any new site there’s gonna be things that don’t work right) we want you to let us know.

And thanks to the folks who did get in touch with us today about problems they encountered. I think we’ve got the contribute problem fixed now, so if you were unable to donate before, give it another try. Thanks!

Pre-Launch Party Invite

We’re actively reaching out to local businesses and organizations to “endorse” Goshen Funded in any of the following ways:

  1. Setting up an account on Community Funded (we’ll also set up a page for you on the Goshen Funded website, like these)
  2. Sign up to attend our Pre-Launch Party at Art House on September 28th, 2014… contributing to this “test” campaign will cover food and drinks and provide a great opportunity to get on board.
  3. Start thinking about any campaigns you may want to run for yourself, or what “rewards”/in-kind donations you may want to offer any projects you choose to support.
  4. Help spread the word to the businesses and organizations you’d most like to collaborate with!

Let us know whatever questions you may have.  We’d be happy to meet up and explain things further, but the best way to learn more would be to join us at the party.

And please don’t hesitate to offer feedback… we’re learning a lot as we go and your input is valuable!


Pre-launch partySupport this project

Out of Test Mode

We’ve been in what calls “Test Mode” since we first set up this website several months ago. That means we’ve been able to create crowdfunding test campaigns and see what they’ll look like on our site, but nobody can donate actual money… until now.

Now we are officially LIVE! (Though still in “stealth mode” which means we aren’t telling a lot of people about our site yet.) Community Funded took us out of Test Mode yesterday morning. We’ve launched one campaign that we want everyone to check out — it’s on our Campaigns page and is inviting you to contribute to our “Pre-Launch Party” by buying a ticket to the party.

YES this is a real party!

Buy a ticket and you can come. Everyone is welcome. The party will take place at ArtHouse here in Goshen, Indiana on Sunday September 28th at 7pm. Light food and drinks, brief teleconf with CommunityFunded, an entertaining slideshow, Q&A, and networking networking networking. Meet others who are actively involved in local crowdfunding here in Goshen. Scheme about your campaign ideas. If you want to add a Reward to this campaign, you can build it in your own account and then “offer” it to our campaign. (And please let us know if you need any help with the technical details.) This first campaign has set a goal of $400. Anything beyond actual expenses for the party will go towards marketing and spreading the word about the site to a much larger audience.

Help us celebrate the progress made to date, and envision a more public launch in early fall!

About the Supporting Organizations

Phil has been working on some new pages featuring the core businesses and organizations that have been active participants in our Goshen Funded crowdfunding project from the beginning. These local organizations are contributing to the overall vision for this web site. We are working with them to devise potential new crowdfunding campaigns that will help to launch this new community resource. And we are grateful for their willingness to be “test subjects” as the parts and pieces of this project come together.

All these organizations will be showcased in the new “Organizations” category that now exists in the sidebar here on our blog.

One of our technical challenges with these organization pages is to be able to dynamically display the local crowdfunding campaigns that each organization has helped, through Rewards they’ve created and offered to various local campaigns that they wish to support. That automation will help create more connections between businesses and campaigns and other businesses — in other words, create an ecosystem of related activity that spurs further innovation and creativity here in our local community.

Of course the most important active participant in this project is Community Funded, the startup in Fort Collins, Colorado that is creating the actual crowdfunding platform we’re using on our own web site here, on the Campaigns page.

What are Rewards?

Rewards” are incentives or perks of various kinds that local businesses, organizations, and individuals can offer to Goshen Funded crowdfunding campaigns. These serve to entice others in our community to donate to a particular campaign. A person contributing to a campaign can donate directly. They can also choose a Reward and donate indirectly. They receive the Reward for their own use, and the business that created the Reward is the actual donor to the crowdfunding project.

Here’s where an example could help.

Oakley Studio is my home-based business providing web site design, site hosting, ecommerce, and related services. (My business is providing the hosting for this web site.) In my Community Funded account, I have created a “$10 Website Coupon” Reward which I can offer to any crowdfunding campaign I wish to support. The coupon is for one free month of website hosting for new or existing clients.

So this reward would be attractive to any of my existing clients. They contribute $10 to a crowdfunding campaign, and I give them a free month of web site hosting. For some of my clients that would be a good discount off their regular monthly hosting expense. I anticipate it will also be attractive to many potential new clients who may not have been aware of my business before, but who will discover my Reward and decide it’s time for them to get going with their own blog or online business.

For businesses like mine, this is a way to contribute to some exciting initiatives in our community that I believe will help make this a richer place to live and work. At the same time it is marketing for my business, helping attract new clients to my business.

Here’s another example. County Seat Cafe has created a “Discounted Gift Certificates” Reward where contributors to a crowdfunding campaign can get a $20 Gift Certificate (for any menu items) for $15. It’s a $5 savings for the donor, who gets a $20 value at the cafe. And all the money goes to the crowdfunding campaign. County Seat is essentially donating the food and drink for free. Obviously this Reward helps the campaign achieve its funding goal. It also helps County Seat build more brand awareness, and bring in new customers.

Hopefully these examples get you thinking about how your own organization or business can use Rewards to support the things you love while also providing some new branding, marketing, and more for your business. It’s a win-win-win for our local crowdfunding campaigns, for the individual contributors, and for everyone who creates new Rewards. Sound good?

Imagine More…

Campaigns are by no means limited to the short list of campaign types you see here. The sky’s the limit and if you can dream it you can probably build a crowdfunding campaign for it.

Run your ideas past us here at Goshen Funded. In order for your project to appear here,

  1. You need to create it at, and
  2. You need to obtain an “Application Code” from us to plug in to your project. That’s what displays your campaign on our Campaigns page.